neon title
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Neon Lights Broad Cast Pack

The wall with a key switch and neon light font and borders, a hand switch the light and lamps light turn on the banner with light, neon border, bar, shopping wall, blinking neon's, logo, slideshow, title, disco, service.
crime slideshow

Crime Slideshow

Pistols rotating in screen and dancing together and make a motion graphics small maps radar and GPS grids flashing in the scenes very nice style for Criminal, war, military, army and anything related to the guns
christmas white trees slideshow

Christmas Slideshow

Low poly motion graphic style a ground with Christmas trees and video placeholder in the snow and camera flying between the trees and look at the ground.
smoke in slideshow

Cloud Smoke Slideshow

Smokes flying around on the screen and revealing the pictures and titles. this project includes 10 media Placeholders and text Placeholders simply Insert Your medias and titles in the placeholders and hit render. the project is well organized and is really easy to customize.

Sport Slideshow

Slideshow including 46 media holder and 20 text holder. This after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized.
Dub Step

Dub Step Television Noise Slideshow

Television noise and glitch to make horror and terrific style on the black tv screen and dubstep sound help to make different grunge motion graphic.
Fashion Slideshow

Fashion Radical Shift Slideshow

This slideshow created with flat solids and placeholders cut in different size rectangles similar to windows 8 - 9 - 10  blocks theme style very use full to use in websites and companies promote and inviting party and celebrations.
Photo on rope

Photo On Rope Slideshow

Realistic hand bring up a photo and connect the photo to rope and photo dangling to the ropes.
slideshow timeline ae project

Technology Timeline Opener

In the 3D glossy background, hi-tech stands with timeline moving into the screenو Grade columns like rulers separated displays and placeholders from each other. and small clean light shining under the picture or video holders and radio waves, radar and loading bar HUD flashing.
hand rotate cube with slideshow ae project

Hand Cube Slideshow

the hand cube slideshow is an aftereffects project with color customizable ability to make videos and clips easily and render fast download from here.
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Flash Glass Sparkles Opener

The 3D play sign rotating around the media (video, picture, text) and sparkles drop on the ground with magical light.
Ink Smoke Title
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Water Ink Smoke Slideshow

The inks are falling in the water like smoke and placeholders made from smoke very smoothly. The Aftereffects project is created For your Title, memory album, fashion gallery,
pentagon fashion

Pentagon Fashion Gallery Slideshow

The slideshow is a 3d geometrical model that made with pentagons and slideshow for showing the video and picture, very useful for fashion and modern style of videos and pictures. The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.
flat slideshow

Flat Slideshow

Very strong and flat slideshow the square coming on the screen and make the placeholder with very nice music. the Aftereffects project is created For your memory album, slideshow, opener video and videos to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, images and colors simply.
collage slideshow

Collage Memory Slideshow

Collage is a style of the graphic here is an after effects template in the collage style and you can make your own slideshow and make a video with this style the pictures or videos stick on the wall with tags
Christmas midnight
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Christmas Midnight

Here is Brand New Countdown for Your New Year Midnight Party 2018. Energetic design, Modern & Luxury atmosphere will give unforgettable emotions for the last minute of this Year! Give Your Midnight Party Unique style! Celebrate the New 2018 Year’s Eve with a personalized modern countdown clock.
network qube

Contact Network Slideshow

The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, images, colors. This is a fully customizable network contact slideshow that is a glossy Qube rotating and floating in a space and shows the contacts links that you can change it to a text or a message.

Butterfly Slideshow

The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, images, colors.the butterflies are flying in the Placeholders with white them and Romantic and emotional sequences and the text is golden. It’s universal with lots of potential uses. Original concept and creative ideas.
film negative

Negative After Effects Slideshow

A slideshow made with negative films moving very fast and show you the slideshow that can be video or pictures like the movies starts in the cinema.
old monitor shows hi-tech huds and radar screen videos

Radar Hi-tech HUD slideshow

The hi-tech HUD slideshow is a aftereffects template to create a slideshow in hi-technology screen style and the radars style for In scientific content as well as information content.