Christmas Wishes Flat Logo

is an After Effects greeting message template which helps you to make fast professional video motion graphic with flat colors style with many features, it is not necessary to know aftereffects completely, everything is Considered easy for beginners, also video tutorial helps you to customize the project, Need more help?Just contact us!(read the support process below)

Gold Fish Logo

The pack of Red Goldfish and Red drum swimming in the water and the logo or text reveal in the sands under the water with reflections of light in the water and it seems the fishes are coming in the beach, seaside or river.
pixel art

Pixel Art Logo Reval

This is logo made of pixels and colors. The template is in pixel arts genre of motion graphic. The project is created to be Really easily for customizing and Very fast Render And Really small size After rendering for websites ( because of the color selection ).
Company logo drawn on blackboard after effects project

Chalkboard Logo

New project for After Effects “Chalkboard Logo Reveal” It is very well suited for presents your logo in chalkboard style which your logo draws on the chalkboard and reveals Quietly. All very easy to set up, you do not need a separate plug-in. Just You Need An After Effects CS4 and above

Elegant Rays Logo Reveal

Elegant Rays in space make the very smooth logo with rays floating in the space.very soft and fresh logo on white or any color background.

Factory Logo Reveal

This is a factory of melting metal and Molding in the shape that you can change the production of this factory by changing the picture to your logo text or any picture with RGB+Alpha channel (png, psd, etc) all of the text are customizable.
buildup logo ae project

Build Up Logo

This template is easy to use and customize. insert your logo into this after effects project and get a beautiful 3d extruded effect, can be used as an opener for a show, a video blog, a logo sting, branding for presentations and much more. the log will build in layers spreads to create a logo.
moon and blazing star in galaxy logo reveal Ramadanand ramazan

Month Moon Logo

The after effects project that shows logo in color customizable background. the moon will appear and then blaze stars come and make the reveal of Ramadan logo. ramazan is one of the Arabic months.
Cracked wall with luminous logo

Landslide Logo

New After Effects logo animation template in grunge style which shows the old wall begins to shake, and the pieces of the wall are cracked and shed, and the Illuminated logo appears on the wall with small cracks,  “ Landslide Logo ” Is an aftereffects template which helps you to make your own logo animation very easy.Just you need an After Effects CS4 and above.
lines logo reveal awith after effects controller expression videohive best seller

Lines Logo Reveal videohive Best seller

the ribbon lines twisting together in the line and create a logo like threads, they are tied together and reveals a logo brand. the color of ribbons are the controller and you can change the colors simply.
water drops company logo after effects project

Water Drops Logo

New after effects project "Water Drops Logo" reveals your logo in water style, new item for those who like droplets of water, liquid style logos, mercury logo animations, clean logos, glob styles, fluid styles, liquid substances, driblet & much more
the microscopic Organisms floating in the black and dark blue back ground to reveal a videohive logo.

Avatar Logo Reveal

The supernatural beings, such as the magical beads, are fluttering and immersing in space in the famous film َAvatar motion graphic. Very similar to creatures deep in deep seas and oceans,
Company logo in 3d beveled metal style on reflective ground

3D Logo With Reflective Ground

“ 3D Logo With Reflective Ground ” Is an Aftereffects Logo Animation Template Witch Helps You To Make Your Own Logo Animation Very Easy.Just You Need An After Effects CS4 and above.