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3 scenes of falling smoke logo reveal and the color controller picture

Falling Smoke Logo

Falling Smoke logo is an After Effects template. Smoke goes down and hits an invisible ball and then your company logo appears. the project is well organized and is simple to use. also, there is a help video included in the project folder that…
aftereffects project that make a logo by smoke in minimal space and shows 2 icon logo with shapes line

Minimal Smoke Logo

Minimal shapes produce small icons by exploding lines and smokes, and after the explosion, tow icons are created, and eventually, the smoke and vapor appear as a delicate and soft blast of the final logo. All colors, icons, and logos…
lines logo reveal awith after effects controller expression videohive best seller

Lines Logo Reveal videohive Best seller

the ribbon lines twisting together in the line and create a logo like threads, they are tied together and reveals a logo brand. the color of ribbons are the controller and you can change the colors simply. The project is created to be really…
the microscopic Organisms floating in the black and dark blue back ground to reveal a videohive logo.

Avatar Logo Reveal

The supernatural beings, such as the magical beads, are fluttering and immersing in space in the famous film َAvatar motion graphic. Very similar to creatures deep in deep seas and oceans, they are also very similar to microscopic and fine-grained…