Font of fire blazing
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Fire Smoke Font

  Fire Smoke Font is a package of alphabet and Symbols footages. Each footage has 6 sec length and contains the reveal in and out animation. footages created with the transparent background to make it easier to use in any background. Fire…
Planet earth with rotating satellite & light in the space footage
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Satellite Earth Pack

This high-quality Full HD and 2K clips show a communications satellite in orbit around the Earth in Europe, Asia, middle east, Africa, America, Australia area. The camera pulls back to reveal the satellite as it beams data down to the surface and the clips have alpha back grounds.
bokeh lights footages pack .mov 4k and hd videos download

Bokeh Light Leak footage's Pack

A package of 11 scenes of looped bokeh and light leaks footage that prepared in .mov HD and 4K resolution for download. usable for overlay lights on videos and pictures.
hand drawn element for after effects template

Hand Drawn Elements Pack Hand-drawn doodles elements icons designed to be perfectly handy drawn in your videos, it's ready to use the FFX file format and each of the…
flags pack

Flag Pack

6 different flag style the flags connect in six styles of connection and used for the standard banner, stamen, ensign, blazon, Oriflame, vexillum, and whiff.
The flag is raised


The flag is raised. looped flag element you can change color and texture and logo or insert anything in the flag . the flag element has alpha channel (Transparent) can place everywhere.
Robot animated siting and reading

Robot Animated Character Pack Explainer

A package of 28 different animations on robot characters such as waving, idle, pulling and pushing objects, dancing, reading,
sea guide light gulf
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Sea Light Logo

Sea light in the ocean and the light rotating in the sea at night with Full moon near the Striped lighthouse. 
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Road Opener

Moving a car in the road at night and the speed going to fast and faster and road with lights and Street and road marking in grunge high exposure motion graphic style.
Han Drawn
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Hand Drawing Elements Pack

The icon elements drawing with hand and you can see the real handshake in drawing elements by hand you can find all of the icons that you need in drawing by hand and you can change the drawings speed and thickness of drawn elements.
Day Night Negative
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Different Feeling Logo

The Aftereffects project is created For your website and company logo hand bring a photo picture and connect photo to the rope in a green garden with flowers and in the photo day is converted tonight like inverting day to beautiful night.
paper folding font
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Paper Folding Font Pack

a package of animated font elements in stop-motion style. each element is hand drawn on a piece of paper that is folded and returns back to its normal form.
lamps pack

Christmas Lights Pack

Is a package include 20 high detail & cool footage’s.which is usable in projects such as Holidays, Christmas, Celebrities and etc. also usable as borders.
row light pack

Row Lights Pack

Is a package include 20 high detail & cool footage’s.which is usable in projects such as Holidays, Christmas, Celebrities and etc.also usable as borders. this project prepared in high-quality HD resolution that makes it usable in any quality such as HD, Full HD & etc
fire works in the sky

Fireworks Pack

Fireworks  pack is a package of 29 high quality and realistic fireworks footage’s included 6 fireworks trails, 23 explosions that help you to create 167 unique fireworks.
Goldfish Footage

Gold Fish Loop Footage

you can make with this element the pack of goldfish and Red drum swimming in the water .the fishes are moving to the beach, seaside or river.The after effects template is .
font fireworks

Alphabet Fireworks Font Pack

its a package of high quality and realistic fireworks footage’s included 3 fireworks trails, 15 explosions, 10 numbers, 26 alphabet elements that help you to create millions of unique fireworks and show your message with it. You can use this for New year’s parties, Christmas, Weddings, Grand Opening or any kind of occasion suitable for few fireworks.
snow footage

Snow Pack

its a package of 22 high quality and realistic snow footage’s included 7 calm snow footage’s, 7 turbulence snow footage’s and 8 wind snow footage’s that helps you to create millions of different snow scenes. all footages are loopable and the background is pure black so you can simply use them with screen blending
lights bulbs

Holiday Lights Pack

lights footage package include 20 high detail & cool footage’s.which is usable in projects such as Holidays, Christmas, Celebrities and etc.
nitrogen nuclear bomb ae project

Nitrogen Bomb 3D Element

This is a 3D nitrogen bomb explosion element that you can change the direction of the camera. also, the sound FX included. the explosion is trapcode particular plugin you need trapcode particular version 2 or above to use this project. you can use explosion on any background and show the destroying cities or any landscape by changing the picture and replace the explode element.