pixel art titlr

The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts.this is an idea of presentation in Atari casting that you had seen in about 20 years ago in your game sets (Sega game consoles, Nintendo game consoles, micro-game consoles). the games were very simple but we have cool memory of that games. remember, Pacman, Snake, star wars…

this casting is the combination of pixel Art and retro mod and colors are original cyan and magenta and texts holders have 3D color deep.

I hope it will be out of the videohive projects norm and you enjoy that …. I think videohive will include Pixel Art in Browse Categories.

  • Your own Shape acceptable
  • 12 Placeholders(each one accepts video or images & etc)
  • Very Fast Render
  • No Plug-ins Required
  • Help documentation
Technical Details
  • Aftereffects project (.AEP)
  • Universalized expressions
  • No Plug-ins Required
  • FULL HD 1920×1080
  • 0:30 sec 29.97 fps
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Music & Sound FX Links:
The cool Music which used in this project is available On Audiojungle.net and the link is below: