ocian island logo

Ocean Island Logo

In this motion graphic template you can see The islands made with your text or logo in the ocean with very clean beach and seaside and in the sea, you can see the boats moving in the water and pigeons flying in the sky and in the islands are the palm trees. very nice filling in the ocean.

Gold Fish Logo

The pack of Red Goldfish and Red drum swimming in the water and the logo or text reveal in the sands under the water with reflections of light in the water and it seems the fishes are coming in the beach, seaside or river.

Factory Logo Reveal

This is a factory of melting metal and Molding in the shape that you can change the production of this factory by changing the picture to your logo text or any picture with RGB+Alpha channel (png, psd, etc) all of the text are customizable.
pixel art titlr

Atari Pixel Art Title

The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts.this is an idea of presentation in Atari casting that you had seen in about 20 years ago in your game sets (Sega game consoles, Nintendo game consoles, micro-game consoles). the games were very simple but we have cool memory of that games. remember, Pacman, Snake, star wars…

Particle Graphy Studio Script

The Particle Graphy studio is an after effects (AE cc2014, CC2013, CS 6) script to create customizable particles by making particle layers. the particles list are below and you don't need any plugin to make these particles and the results…