christmas tree made with smoke magical

Smokey Tree Christmas Logo

ink and magical smoke create a Christmas tree and particles drop from the tree on the ground very nice opener a Christmas wishing message in the dark night
magic ball

Magic Ball Logo

The wizard pops into the scene and creates a magic bolt and shoots it towards the camera. magic bolt hits the wall and creates the logo

Magic Pencil Drawing Logo

3D colorful pencil drawing a logo magically. very use full for children or a happy style to show painting and drawing or a company that makes children toys or toys story or a business that have relation with kids for example kindergarten, Amusement Park, Stationery, schools, cartoons and etc.
Christmas Opener
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Christmas Opener

Christmas opener is an After Effects greeting message template that helps you to make fast professional video motion graphic with luxury golden style. greeting message is written and animated in several languages that you can change them simply by one click. also, you can use your own special message.

Particle Logo Reveal

New Logo project for After Effects “Particle Logo Reveal” is very well suited for presents your Logo In Clean & Magical Style Which 5 Particle Waves Orbiting In Clear Space And Spin around and collide then shine And Your Glitter Logo…

Smoke Magical Wave Logo

New project for After Effects “Smoke Magical Wave Logo Reveal” It is very well suited for presents your logo in Magical Christmas Style which Two Smoky Magical Particle Waves Orbiting in Space And Revealing Your Shining Logo In Particles…

Particle Graphy Studio Script

The Particle Graphy studio is an after effects (AE cc2014, CC2013, CS 6) script to create customizable particles by making particle layers. the particles list are below and you don't need any plugin to make these particles and the results…