Fire Golden Logo Reveal

New Aftereffects template "Fire Burning Golden Logo Reveal" is made to help you in presenting your logo in fire & glitter gold style which your bright golden logo reveals in flames Of fire like a brilliant gold medal which your logo…
chemical hightech

Chemical Logo Reveal   atoms and molecules and cells rotating together and Gathering to create a Chemical interaction and soft smokey energy explosion reveal a logo…
ink smoke galaxy stars magical

Space Ink Smoke Title   After Effects Project made with ink in the galaxy with magic colors and very suitable for titles. ink and smoke the project can be changed…
ink smokee lower third video ae project

Smoke Ink Lower Thirds Pack   Smoke like inks floating in the water moving and floating and making a lower third and blazing tail stars moving fast in the background of lower…
gun in hand shot to wall

Gun Shot Logo

Pistol shoots the wall and wall explodes and the logo remains untouched.
gun shooting

Gun Shot Side Logo

The slow motion of a pistol shooting and the bullet hitting logo and turning it towards the screen.
crime slideshow

Crime Slideshow

Pistols rotating in screen and dancing together and make a motion graphics small maps radar and GPS grids flashing in the scenes very nice style for Criminal, war, military, army and anything related to the guns

Factory Logo Reveal

This is a factory of melting metal and Molding in the shape that you can change the production of this factory by changing the picture to your logo text or any picture with RGB+Alpha channel (png, psd, etc) all of the text are customizable.

Smoke Graphy

vidnoa studios ink and smoke projects.

Particle Graphy Studio Script

The Particle Graphy studio is an after effects (AE cc2014, CC2013, CS 6) script to create customizable particles by making particle layers. the particles list are below and you don't need any plugin to make these particles and the results…