saber logo

Polygon Slice Logo

separated slices of logo connect together with a light like a laser hit, ninja hit, saber hit, blade in dark polygon background
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Road Opener

Moving a car in the road at night and the speed going to fast and faster and road with lights and Street and road marking in grunge high exposure motion graphic style.
Metal Laser logo

Metal Laser Lighting Logo

the welding machine is welding light by OGG or Laser and the logo shape cutting in In an industrial space with carbon background.
Dub Step

Dub Step Television Noise Slideshow

Television noise and glitch to make horror and terrific style on the black tv screen and dubstep sound help to make different grunge motion graphic.
Photo on rope

Photo On Rope Slideshow

Realistic hand bring up a photo and connect the photo to rope and photo dangling to the ropes.
neon logo

Neon Logo

New Logo project for After Effects “Neon Logo” is very well suited for presents your Logo In Neon Style Which Your Logo Appears As Neon Sign On Wall And Flickering And Turning On In A Dark Space With Beautiful Particles.
pentagon fashion

Pentagon Fashion Gallery Slideshow

The slideshow is a 3d geometrical model that made with pentagons and slideshow for showing the video and picture, very useful for fashion and modern style of videos and pictures. The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.

Neons Package

Neon Sign Logo ” Is An Aftereffects Template Witch Help You To Make Your Own Logo Animation Very Easy.Just You Need An After Effects CS 5 and above. Import, Drag & Drop Your Logo In Logo Comp Doing Some Easy Adjustments And Render The…