Fire Golden Logo Reveal

New Aftereffects template "Fire Burning Golden Logo Reveal" is made to help you in presenting your logo in fire & glitter gold style which your bright golden logo reveals in flames Of fire like a brilliant gold medal which your logo…
gun shooting

Gun Shot Side Logo

The slow motion of a pistol shooting and the bullet hitting logo and turning it towards the screen.
The ribbon cutting with a scissor and then the red curtain screen opening softly .

Ribbon Curtain Logo

The ribbon cutting with a scissor and then the red curtain screen opening softly .
fashion red logo reveal

Fashion Red Gray Logo

A red line looks like the red carpet moving in the fashion grey color space and the logo appears by a hitting and growing from underground The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized.
business promo

Cartoon Business Promo

Cartoon technicians man and woman in a hi-tech space touch on the screen and the slideshow appears on hologram screen with new technologies and at the end, the rotating 3D atom shows some texts and the logo appears with 2 electronic ribbands.
Colored smoke logo

Colored Smoke Logo

Colored smokes orbiting around elegantly and creating your company logo. this is an after effects template to reveal your company Logo or your website, the project is well organized and simple to customize.
neon logo

Neon Logo

New Logo project for After Effects “Neon Logo” is very well suited for presents your Logo In Neon Style Which Your Logo Appears As Neon Sign On Wall And Flickering And Turning On In A Dark Space With Beautiful Particles.
hand rotate cube with slideshow ae project

Hand Cube Slideshow

the hand cube slideshow is an aftereffects project with color customizable ability to make videos and clips easily and render fast download from here.
hi-tech xbox

Hi Tech Logo

hi-tech log building with electrons and lights in the space look like Ubi soft logo, the glowing lines like saber s and laser lines twisting and explode to reveal a logo. very nice logo for websites, multimedia, movies.
Company logo drawn on blackboard after effects project

Chalkboard Logo

New project for After Effects “Chalkboard Logo Reveal” It is very well suited for presents your logo in chalkboard style which your logo draws on the chalkboard and reveals Quietly. All very easy to set up, you do not need a separate plug-in. Just You Need An After Effects CS4 and above

Neons Package

Neon Sign Logo ” Is An Aftereffects Template Witch Help You To Make Your Own Logo Animation Very Easy.Just You Need An After Effects CS 5 and above. Import, Drag & Drop Your Logo In Logo Comp Doing Some Easy Adjustments And Render The…