School chalkboard

School Chalkboard

hand drawn statistics charts

Hand Drawn Infographics Toolkit

  New after effects project "Hand Drawn Infographics Toolkit" is proper to promote your service or make your educational video, or etc in hand-drawn sketchy style very easily,"Handy Infographic pack" is designed for those who…
3 scenes of falling smoke logo reveal and the color controller picture

Falling Smoke Logo

Falling Smoke logo is an After Effects template. Smoke goes down and hits an invisible ball and then your company logo appears. the project is well organized and is simple to use. also, there is a help video included in the project folder that…
Globe earth with famous landmarks

Globe Pack - Different Ideas

New after effects elements pack ” Globe Pack – Different Ideas ” prepared with 9 different globes in different styles such as 3d earth, High-tech globe-earths, flat design globe earth & hand-drawn globe earth with a transparent…
smoke in slideshow

Fire Golden Logo Reveal

New Aftereffects template "Fire Burning Golden Logo Reveal" is made to help you in presenting your logo in fire & glitter gold style which your bright golden logo reveals in flames Of fire like a brilliant gold medal which your logo…
volumetric light logo reveal videohive envato

Volumetric Light In Smoke Logo Volumetric Light in a smokey dark space with an industrial sound and the light leak like a laser rotating around the logo and light spreads and…
ink smoke galaxy stars magical

Space Ink Smoke Title   After Effects Project made with ink in the galaxy with magic colors and very suitable for titles. ink and smoke the project can be changed…
magic ball

Magic Ball Logo

The wizard pops into the scene and creates a magic bolt and shoots it towards the camera. magic bolt hits the wall and creates the logo
gun in hand shot to wall

Gun Shot Logo

Pistol shoots the wall and wall explodes and the logo remains untouched.
smoke in slideshow

Fashion Slideshow

The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.there is placeholders for each scene. simply insert your media and text and hit render as easy as 1,2,3 Features Very…
gun shooting

Gun Shot Side Logo

The slow motion of a pistol shooting and the bullet hitting logo and turning it towards the screen.
water floating

Water Twist Logo

water drops floating in the space and connecting together and  twists on the screen and reveals the logo.
young character

Animated Young Character Explainer

A package of 28 different animations on young characters such as waving, idle, pulling and pushing objects, dancing, reading, ... . suitable for explaining scenes and etc
guitarist plays the guitar

Guitar Logo

The guitarist plays the guitar and the sound waves coming out of the guitar and creating the logo.this template is well organized and is simple to use.

Riband Lines Logo

Two ribbons coming to the scene and orbiting around elegantly and creating the logo.this project is pretty well organized and simple to use, simply put your logo and write your website and push render.
old character explainer

Animated Old Characters Explainer

A package of 28 different animations on old characters such as waving, idle, pulling and pushing objects, dancing, reading, ... .
Photographer logo

Photographer Logo

a photographer comes into the scene and takes a shot.and the shots taken by him comes into the scene and the website or logo appears
Robot animated siting and reading

Robot Animated Character Pack Explainer

A package of 28 different animations on robot characters such as waving, idle, pulling and pushing objects, dancing, reading,
golden badge status

Golden Statues Logo

A rotating crystal statue with a golden logo on it. simply insert your company logo and hit render.there is a logo reveal animation and a looped animation of the logo rotating in the scene
smoke in slideshow

Cloud Smoke Slideshow

Smokes flying around on the screen and revealing the pictures and titles. this project includes 10 media Placeholders and text Placeholders simply Insert Your medias and titles in the placeholders and hit render. the project is well organized and is really easy to customize.