3 scenes of falling smoke logo reveal and the color controller picture

Falling Smoke Logo

Falling Smoke logo is an After Effects template. Smoke goes down and hits an invisible ball and then your company logo appears. the project is well organized and is simple to use. also, there is a help video included in the project folder that…
ramadan logo pack package of smoke magical logo

Ramadan Logo Pack

3 after effects project logo reveal for Ramadan and Islamic Eids motion graphic . in the black background smokes growing and reveal a logo with Ramazan calligraphy. you can download them from here.
neon title
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Neon Lights Broad Cast Pack

The wall with a key switch and neon light font and borders, a hand switch the light and lamps light turn on the banner with light, neon border, bar, shopping wall, blinking neon's, logo, slideshow, title, disco, service.
saber logo

Polygon Slice Logo

separated slices of logo connect together with a light like a laser hit, ninja hit, saber hit, blade in dark polygon background

Fashion Slideshow

The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.there is placeholders for each scene. simply insert your media and text and hit render as easy as 1,2,3 Features Very…
the neon light

Colorful Falling Neon Lights Logo

In the black space colorful neons falling down on the ground and the 3d logo flashing like the neon light.

Cut The Dot Logo Opener

In a surreal space the knife coming in screen and cutting the glassy sphere and the sphere convert to tow half spheres and in the center of one of half spheres, the picture holder reveals.
Fashion Slideshow

Fashion Radical Shift Slideshow

This slideshow created with flat solids and placeholders cut in different size rectangles similar to windows 8 - 9 - 10  blocks theme style very use full to use in websites and companies promote and inviting party and celebrations.
flat slideshow

Flat Slideshow

Very strong and flat slideshow the square coming on the screen and make the placeholder with very nice music. the Aftereffects project is created For your memory album, slideshow, opener video and videos to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, images and colors simply.

Fashion Slideshow

New project for After Effects “Fashion Slideshow” It is very well suited for presentations, awards, wedding videos. All very easy to set up, you do not need a separate plug-in. Just You Need An After Effects CS4 and above. Import, Drag &…
film negative

Negative After Effects Slideshow

A slideshow made with negative films moving very fast and show you the slideshow that can be video or pictures like the movies starts in the cinema.

Social Network Slideshow

This project is great for your website advertising. “Social Network” is created in After Effects CS4. The project is created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, videos or images.

Neons Package

Neon Sign Logo ” Is An Aftereffects Template Witch Help You To Make Your Own Logo Animation Very Easy.Just You Need An After Effects CS 5 and above. Import, Drag & Drop Your Logo In Logo Comp Doing Some Easy Adjustments And Render The…