ink smoke galaxy stars magical

Space Ink Smoke Title   After Effects Project made with ink in the galaxy with magic colors and very suitable for titles. ink and smoke the project can be changed…
paper cards
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Pages Turn Logo Pack Paper cards folding and sliding over by over and revealing the logo paper card can change colors and back ground color in this aep project .The paper …
broad cast cards

Stack Clean Broadcast Package   A template of papers stack folding and compositing like leafs very clean and soft, the template is a universal solution for your any tasks. Perfect…
origami graphic best template

Origami Broadcast Package   Folding glossy plates like folding papers that named origami for you tube channel, TV channel, or website template media very wide use and high-quality…
neons, logo, title
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Neon Lamp Light Reveal

The wall with a key switch and neon light font and borders, a hand switch the light and lamps light turn on the banner with light, neon border, bar, shopping wall, blinking neons, logo, title
tablet app promo

Tablet Application Opener

Elegant 3D iPad tablet in white after effects template rotating and display the pictures in the screen .promotiong apps, games, websites and any advertisement in the tablet .
slideshow timeline ae project

Technology Timeline Opener

In the 3D glossy background, hi-tech stands with timeline moving into the screenو Grade columns like rulers separated displays and placeholders from each other. and small clean light shining under the picture or video holders and radio waves, radar and loading bar HUD flashing.
pentagon fashion

Pentagon Fashion Gallery Slideshow

The slideshow is a 3d geometrical model that made with pentagons and slideshow for showing the video and picture, very useful for fashion and modern style of videos and pictures. The after effects template is an AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.

3D Sea Logo Reveal

New Logo Animation project for After Effects “3D Sea Logo Reveal” It is very well suited for presents your Logo,ٍ On Sea Style which Your Logo Reveals In Beautiful  Beveled 3d Style On Sea With Cloudy Background And logo Reflection On…

Lines 2 Logo Reveal

Abstract lines floating in the space and twisting to create a logo.The after effects template is a AEP project and created to be really easy customized. Insert text, change fonts, colors.

Factory Logo Reveal

This is a factory of melting metal and Molding in the shape that you can change the production of this factory by changing the picture to your logo text or any picture with RGB+Alpha channel (png, psd, etc) all of the text are customizable.